10 Incredibly Smart PhD Thesis Topics In Health Economics

Health economics is a subject that has become relevant in recent years and continues to attract students due to the scope it provides. The content is rather thought-provoking and exciting and presents plenty of opportunities for debate and discussion. However, simply learning about the topic is different from writing a thesis paper on it.

There are so many avenues to explore that students often become confused. At the same time, they cannot ignore the importance of their PhD paper and must do their best. A PhD course is never easy and one of the most stress-inducing and toughest assignments that are given to students is a PhD thesis paper. This tests the knowledge of the kids regarding all they have learned throughout the course and how they intend to contribute to the subject. Students often get freaked out trying to figure out how to write a good paper but it is easier than it looks when you order professional help from a research paper writing service.

All they need is to start going through topics and come up with one that they think is going to attract the audiences. The health economic topic that you choose for your paper is going to determine the quality and content, and so you should ensure that it remains relevant while at the same time, having a sufficient amount of content to create a fully fleshed-out paper. In case you are facing trouble locating the correct topic, you will find ten of them below that are sure to impress your readers.

List of health economics topics

  1. What is the concept behind global health diplomacy? How is it related to the role of the World Health Organization in the worldwide governance of trade and non-communicable diseases?
  2. How has medical tourism affected the health system in Thailand?
  3. Is it possible to economically evaluate an intervention in the community? At the same time, how can this be used to measure the impact and value in society?
  4. What is your opinion on the autonomisation of hospitals in different parts of the world? How is this relevant to the economic analysis for transaction costs?
  5. How has workforce immigration been affected by training and professional education?
  6. Perform an economic evaluation of the malaria retail supply chain for treatment in Nigeria.
  7. Describe the variations among three public insurance schemes in Cambodia.
  8. Why does health economics use Bayesian Statistics?
  9. Mention the different ways of validating cost effectiveness models in health economics.
  10. What do you mean by model updating?

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